About Me

My name is George and they call me The Holiday Gambler. Since the early days of gambling over the world wide web, the industry has evolved at a fast pace, but it’s still relatively young and the online gambling landscape is constantly shifting.

Legislation around the world changes all the time, technology advances, new sites open, and some sites make improvements and upgrades while others get left out in the dust. All of this makes it hard to stay up to date with what’s happening, and in particular, it’s very hard and challenging to know which sites to use and which ones to avoid. A leading site one year could easily be overtaken by several others and might no longer be one of the best options the following year.

This is why I make sure that everything here in my blog has to offer are accurate, current, and useful. Not only does it tell you which sites are the best and safest to use, but it also explains why they are highly recommended.

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